Best Wireless Security Options

Security camera is now a days need of time. A security camera is a closed circuit television, which records audio and video signals and send then to the receiver via radio band signals. Security camera need one wire for power source. Mentioning a security camera wireless means that the mode of transmitting the audio and video signals is without any wire in the circuit.

There are basically two types of security camera based on their mode of signal transmission digital and analog security camera. Analog sends signals in the range of radio bands and on the other hand digital sends signal which are encoded digitally with higher bandwidth radio frequency.

Range of transmission: the maximum distance between camera and receiver in analog is 300 feet while with digital the range is 450 feet Analog camera is highly susceptible to disturbance created from other household appliance like tv, radio, microwave. Digital camera has two way communication, and it also has high quality of audio and video.

Why securities camera? Having a camera in public place ensures public safety, and police have the documented evidence of any crime if there is any event happen. They are best for home surveillance system, for showrooms and in shops to keep an eye on thieves and to identify them remotely. they can be applied in every corridor of a building and only single person keep an eye on the whole building with the help of monitor. thus they reduces manpower , offers better surveillance and are cost effective.

Arlo by Netgear is a company manufacturing security camera, recently they have launched their product Arlo Pro 2.

Arlo Pro 2: it has capacity to watch and record in full HD quality. it can be used with or without power , there is in built battery which works very good. Arlo Pro 2 can be installed indoor and outdoor both. we can keep an eye also in the dark, it switch automatically on low light mode. it also have three second look back and two way audio feature, by which we can know about all the events from start to end. it comes with cloud storage of seven days. It does need high speed internet for data transmission. And wireless coverage is enough for an area of 2500 sq. feet and field of view is 130 degree.

Blink:  Blink security cameras are absolutely wireless home security camera that depend on AA batteries lasting for two years. and it sends all motion activated alerts and HD video to smartphone. there is no monthly subscription fee , and live view mode is also available. it is easy to expand , ultra affordable and we can place it anywhere.